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Tuesday Treats

3 kelpies went into a bar...haha, nah just playing with the ball and and a not so fun up-hill walk back to the car. Rockie came along too! It was musical chairs in the car until they would finally let me buckle them in. Everyone wants to be in the front! And puppy Charlie wants to be with everyone. Training is going well with the no pulling, but it's useful when you are tired and need to be pulled up a hill! Bob, Pepper and Charlie absolutely love running for the ball and paddling in the creek. Rockie just likes to sniff.

Then in the afternoon we walked the German Shepherds, and I finally got a good picture. Some dogs just really aren't that interested in being models, to my dismay.

Tomorrow I will be working on the other side of town with a pair of siblings that just love their walks!

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