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Rain, Rain Go Away

What a wet start to the week! On Mon I had Logan push me into the deepest part of the creek and ended up swimming with one hand to save my phone. He panicked and thought I was drowing, so I had to find a rock to stand on to prove otherwise, but he wouldn't have it and jumped in to "get" me, this proved very difficult with his 9 metre lead he was attached to. We then spend a while untangling him from the roots at the bottom of the creek. At least we got our cardio done and swim aerobics!

Tues was a very wet day, so some doggos weren't up for it. So I got some time for myself to catch up on paperwork.

And today I looked after some gigantic beauties and their cat sister. Shy at first, but they love ear pats and treats! Porsche's paw is as big as my hand. My own dog is probably the size of her tail. They are very gentle, even taking treats, so tender.

I am also a make-up artist, and that work is picking up finally, so playing with dogs all morning and then doing make-up on stunning models in the afternoons is a bit different. Luckily everyone is so flexible, so I manage both jobs. I love it!

Tomorrow a new doggy will be joining us, can't wait to have a play with him.

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