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What I can offer

I am very attentive and identify quickly; through observational animal behaviour techniques how to interact with your individual dog. I shape my approach according to both your direction and the signals your dog displays.

Some dogs prefer to smell the roses so to speak, whilst others need more stimulation and exertion. I am are available for short walks for elderly dogs, or hiking local mountain trails or private properties with more adventurous dogs. I am are totally flexible and ready to meet your dog’s personal requirements. It would be my pleasure to give your much loved pets whatever it is they require while you are away to give them the most positive and loving experience and ensure they are safe and well cared for.

I am experienced in dealing with all sorts of situations; rescue dogs, reactive dogs, hyperactive dogs, elderly dogs and puppies. I am also very aware of what different breeds require and their traits and can adapt any exercise regime to their needs.

Olivia & Bailee


a bit about me:

My name is Olivia, I am a life-long animal lover and have grown up in the Adelaide Hills with many dogs as companions. After years of travel interstate and overseas, and looking after animals far and wide, I have finally come back to my beloved Adelaide home. Due to covid, my regular work had been affected, so to help some of my essential worker friends I had the time to walk and care for their animals in their absence. Now I work full time caring for my beautiful animal friends.

I have endless amount of affection for all animals, but especially dogs. I find I am able to communicate with them easily with respect, kindness, and a great deal of love. ♡



I have spent some time recently volunteering with some wildlife organisations during the terrible bushfires in early 2020. This has taught me the kindness and patience goes a very long way in gaining trust from our 4 legged friends. Spending time with dingoes and learning their behaviours and realising that our own domestic pets were descended from wild dogs really is astounding.

Pet Minding

As well as walks and group adventures I am able to come to your home to feed your pets when required, and to spend some quality time with them if you are away. I can offer overnight stays in your home if required. I currently do not offer pet minding in my own home. Your dog will feel more comfortable in their own environment. I am available for short overnights stays within my suburb Bridgewater and surrounding suburbs, but please book well in advance, I book up very quickly. I am fully insured and very experienced.


Depending on location, I am able to pick up and drop off your pet with my own reliable transport. All seats are fitted with barriers to keep the dogs separate, to ensure the utmost safety measures. All transport will be discussed at length to guarantee there are no behaviour issues in regards to car sickness, car anxiety or reactive behaviour toward other dogs who may be in the vehicle (my own dog has these issues so I all versed in this behaviour).

If you have an unsocial dog or a dog with high anxiety issues, that dog will be taken separately and will not be associating with other dogs in my care (subject to availability).  Safety is our highest priority and anxiety can cause some very unpleasant outcomes. I even offer constant updates with photos during play, so you can see how your dog is doing for anxious owners.

Olivia's Dog Walking

What I require

All I require from you is your dog’s harness, leash and favourite treats and/or toys and we will be off adventuring in no time! And don’t worry, I will never drop off your dog covered in mud, I even have my own water and hose system in my car just in case. But please let me know if they love water or mud and we will try to avoid these, especially in winter!

We can discuss what your dog's likes and dislikes are during out meet and greet session and once I know your dog well, we can decide which types of adventures are right for them.

Thank you for your interest in my services. Please do not hesitate to call me on 0411 418 112 if you have any questions. I am happy to have a chat so     I can assist you and your pets as best I can. I can’t wait to meet your pets!



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