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Dog Walking


1 Hour

(on leash or group adventures)

I can take a maximum of 4 dogs per walk. These walks will usually be within your suburb or surrounds and will be a mixture of off leash and on depending on your dog's needs and training level. Off leash adventures will be in fenced private properties. All dogs will be paired with dogs  similar energy levels.


1.5 Hours

(on leash or group adventures)

This time frame suits dogs that need more exertion. I will usually take dogs for an off leash run and then we go on a strenuous hike or I will take your dog with two different groups depending on location if they can not be off leash.


2 Hours

(on leash or group adventures)

During this period we will visit several different public and

private properties to explore, depending on location (off or on leash) Within this time-frame I like to add in quite a long hike up some serious hills, but can add the dog into two different groups depending on their play style (or lack of play).

Each dog is put into a category that I have created. Each group will usually have the same dogs, on the same day and time, depending on weather. I walk rain or shine, but if that rain is torrential , I will cancel and endeavour to fit them in at another time during the week. My categories include: The Hikers, The Wrestlers, The Ball Dogs, The Swimmers, The Puppies, The Runners, The Nervous Dogs and The Oldies. I get to know your dog well and then decided which category he/she is best suited. This way, all the dogs are paired with dogs who have similar play styles and behaviours.


                                                                                                          ~  ~  ~

For on leash dogs; prefer to take them away from busy roads where they can sniff and enjoy themselves without the fear or distraction of traffic or other strange dogs.  I feel this is a safer approach for the dog and myself. If you have an elderly, inactive or reactive dog, I can recommend other affiliated walkers in your area.

Your dog must be comfortable in a car, socialised and have basic training. If I can not control your dog, it puts their safety and other dogs' safety at risk.


Pet Minding

  Home Visits

  Feed/Toilet/Play/Walk: $30

Home visits aren't just a quick "feed and water". I don't treat your pets like house plants (but I can water those  too!). All animals warrant the attention they are used to, so I provide a enrichment and love as well as their essential care needs. I will give them a walk and a good old play with their favourite toys and some old fashioned pats and belly rubs. Depending on location I can make several visits each day to check on your pets. I am are experienced in a variety of pet care needs and can cater to any animal (even reptiles!)

  Overnight stays

(in the clients' home  - I do not offer boarding facilities on my own property, currently)

  12 Hours: $40 - $50

Due to my popular Doggy Daycare, I am unavailable from 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri. But, I still offer overnight stays in your home.      I do not board at my property, unfortunately due to having my own animals. I am able to do short stays within my surrounding suburbs; Bridgewater, Aldgate and Stirling. I book up very quickly, so 3 months notice is usually needed. In 2023, I spent the good part of 9 months house sitting, so I do require plenty of notice. Your dog will be taken for a walk or a run every day, fed, administered medication if needed and will be looked after overnight, they can even sleep with me too! I am fully insured and very experienced, even with anxious dogs.

  Mobile Dog Minding (doggy daycare)

  1 - 2 Hours: $30 - $40

I aim to enrich your dogs' life every minute they are with me, but it's not only about the fun I create for the dogs, it's the genuine love and care I give, as I treat them as if they are my own. Creating that bond between carer and dog can take time, but I have patience! For a 1 - 2 hour dog minding session; I start off with a romp at your local off leash area (or a strenuous on leash hike) then a short drive through the hills to feel the wind in their faces, where we will enjoy some frolicking through the grass at several different properties we have access to. There are so many smells, they will be tuckered out in no time. These dog minding adventures are aimed at dogs who get along with other dogs, if your dog prefers their own company, I can refer you to other walkers.


  1 Hour: $100

  2 Hours: $200

  Hair and Make-up: $150

  (for the owner)

During a 1 hour session I can either photograph your pets in their own home (perfect for cats or smaller animals who aren't used to outdoor locations), or I can head to a dog friendly park or trail, away from people and noise (for beach shoots, there may be a travel fee, depending on location).


If your pet has basic commands such as: sit and stay and is food orientated, then they will have a perfect model. I would also recommend bring their favourite toys and if children are involved in the photoshoot, bring some noisy games to entice your pet to give them their full attention. 

During a 2 hour session we would do some at home shots first, in their favourite spots and in the garden, and then drive to a location to get some action shots.

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