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Monday Mood - Muddy Paws

It was rather fresh this morning when we got to Balhannah with Pepper and Pedro. My dog; Bailee was also invited as she gets on well with these two. She wasn't very keen, and headed back to the car as we got to the gate. I quickly ran back to get her and she wasn't impressed. Luckily there was another dog there for Pepper to chase and once she went home, Pedro was it. Bailee supervised from a distance she's not too fond of other dogs playing with her boyfriend.

After some muddy fun and some very wet shoes, we headed back up the hill. They all wanted to sit in the front, so they played musical chairs before I could finally buckle them all in. Unfortunately Digby couldn't fit in the car, so after a bit of a break, I went and picked him up and we get a nice walk along Cox Creek and then a play with the ball for a while. He wasn't keen on his photo being taken today as you can see below and he seemed to get stuck on a little island in the creek, even though he was the one who actually swam to it. shoes got wet again, but he was 'safe'. Haha. He cracks me up.

Another big day tomorrow with 3 kelpies!

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