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Friday's Feat

Mt Barker Summit is an interesting place to visit. I love going there for photography as it has some cool looking boulders. The wind is pretty full on though, so dog's are kept on a tight leash, it makes me nervous. My own dog has come way, way too close to the edge of the summit, unfortunately she has no fear of heights - well, I definitely do!

I call these siblings "the babies", not sure why, as they are not babies, but I can't help it, they are squishy babies who follow me around like shadows and are attached to each other like conjoined twins. Eddie really likes munching on grass and has to check out each patch to ensure it's the highest quality.

Eddie did make it up the summit, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't overly enjoying it, but I committed and I thought if I have to carry him, so be it, but he did it on his own. We had the whole place to ourselves, a bit creepy with no one else around, but I found some great new locations for photoshoots!

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