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I love photography, especially taking snaps of pets. My photography aims to show the beauty of our pets by creating photos that express the love we have for our animals and embracing the love they show us in return. Dogs truly live in the moment and that is what I like to capture. 

Having grown up around animals and since having my own dog; Bailee, I have become more connected and passionate about having relationships with our pets, as they are part of our family. With a growing dog community, I was inspired to incorporate my love of animals into my photography and to capture the love between owner and pet.

Bailee has shown me how much a dog can impact your life for the better. Dogs bring joy, love and happiness to every day. It is very important to capture this on film to cherish forever. 

Being a make-up artist, I also offer the opportunity to have the owners involved in the photoshoot too - if they wish. It is more beneficial to have people that the animals trust with them in front of that scary camera. My favourite poses, however, are when the dog completely forgets I am even there and I capture them in their natural state.

In this gallery I have images of previous and current dogs I have either cared for or dogs and families I have photographed. Many of these were taken whilst living in Canada and all over Australia (can you spot the wolf dogs in these images?)

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